General Information

Refill Policy

If you need a refill on your prescription, call your pharmacy and have them make a request.  Please do not wait until you are out of your medicine.  Allow 24 hours for the pharmacy to request the refill and our office to respond.


Test Results

You will be given specific follow up instructions at the time of your procedure or tests.  Test results will be discussed by your doctor at the time of your follow up office visit.  Most follow up visits are within 7-10 days following procedures or tests.  Many times it takes that long to get all results back.


Specialist/Diagnostic Test Referrals

If your insurance company requires a referral  to a specialist or authorization for a diagnostic test, you are responsible for obtaining that referral before seeing a specialist or having a diagnostic test performed.  In most cases, your primary care physician must see and treat a condition before a referral can be given.